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Tanning Solutions

When I first started in the tanning industry, there was only a handful of solutions on the market. They were the same base colour and you could only choose between a light, medium or dark shade tan. These days, there's hundreds of brands and many different base colours to choose from. Throughout my 11 years in the industry, I have tested countless tanning solutions. Some I love and others I don't rate at all. 


I stock a variety of solutions that I personally use on myself and that I know get great results and produce a natural looking tan. My current solutions on offer are Colour Me Bronze Professional* range (green, blue, red and chocolate based 8 hour tanning solutions) and Asyana and TanHQ (caramel based express tanning solution). I will make recommendations on what will suit you best based on your skin tone and desired look.


* Colour Me Bronze Professional tanning solutions contain natural and organic ingredients, are 100% Austalian made and original - they are not a rebrand of another brand of tanning solution. The solutions are adaptable; you can achieve any depth, colour or tone you desire. They have been approved as Orangutan Safe by The Orangutan Project (no palm oil) and are PETA approved and PETA Vegan approved.


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