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4 Steps to a Perfect Competition Tan

The competition tanning process can be one of the most stressful parts of contest preparation, yet it’s probably the most important and one aspect which you can control. It's our job to alleviate that stress, and to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Here's our top tips to prepare for your competition tan...

1. Moisturise and Exfoliate

For best results, spend the week prior to your competition moisturising your body using an oil-free moisturiser. The day before your competition tan, exfoliate with an oil-free body scrub and remove unwanted body hair by shaving or waxing. If you prefer waxing over shaving please do so 72 hours prior. While exfoliating, pay special attention to the knees, elbows, hands, feet and heels (synthetic exfoliating gloves will give you the best results). The better condition your skin is in, the better the tanning solution will absorb and the more flawless your tan will look.

2. Wear LOOSE FITTING clothing

This is very important! Wear loose, dark clothing to and from your tanning appointment to minimise contact with your skin. Wearing tight clothing with elastic bands could rub your skin and damage your tan. Avoid wearing any clothing you plan on keeping as competition spray tan can stain your clothing. It is best to wear flip flops on your feet - no socks or shoes. During your tan, wear what you're most comfortable in. You can wear top/bottom, bottom only, or nude to avoid any tan lines.

3. Handle with Care

After you've been sprayed, wipe palms and fingernails with baby wipes and allow time for the tan to dry. Make sure you sleep on dark (or old) sheets, pillow cases or towels to avoid destroying linen (bring your own if staying in a hotel room). Keep cool and avoid activity that will cause you to sweat. Take extra care around water and using the bathroom - avoid washing your hands. After your competition spray tan, do not wear deodorant, perfume or cologne and don't shower until after the competition.

4. Removing your competition tan

After your competition you can vigorously shower to remove the heavy bronzers used in competition tan to reveal a more natural looking tan. If you need a little extra 'help' tan removers, such at Black Magic Spray Tan Remover (pictured below), can be applied to the body and scrubbed with an exfoliating mit.

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