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What is contour tanning?

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian/ Jenner sisters have famously put contour tanning firmly on the beauty map. Popularly known as 'tantouring', 3D/contour tanning is very on-trend right now. And it's not just reserved for body builders and Victoria Secret models. Honey Glow Spray Tanning Studio is one of only a handful of tanning salons in Sydney to offer this bespoke service.

Before and after contour tan, contour tanning, contoured abs

So what is contour tanning and who needs it? Contour tanning is not all about spraying abs on a person, it's about creating definition, shadowing, highlighting and blending. Contour tanning is not done with the same gun that ordinary spray tanning is done with. We use a professional pencil airbrush for defining and blending together with our regular spray gun (on a different setting) for shadowing. For men and women we can create a more toned or muscular appearance by defining certain muscles ensuring your tan is as authentic and natural looking as possible.

Your body will look leaner, more toned and sculpted. A contour tan will...

- define and enhance your cheekbones, neck and jawline

- accentuate collarbones, shoulders and give more depth to the breasts

- give more definition to the back, stomach, waist and abs

- define and enhance muscle tone on arms and legs

- give you a mini butt lift (Kim KW is a huge fan of bum contouring)

- help you to look slimmer in minutes... even more so than a regular spray tan.

Contour tanning, spray tan gun, best spray tan, north shore, Sydney

Is contour tanning just for performers? Or can anyone do it? Contour and shadow tanning is great for, but not limited to...

- males and females who would like a slimmer appearance

- dancers, cheerleaders, aerialists and performers

- actors, actresses, celebrities and models

- fitness instructors

- body builders

Here at Honey Glow Studio, we do contour tanning for competition, performance and standard spray tans. We love to tan and love seeing the fabulous results contouring produces. Want to see more? View photos and videos from our Facebook or Instagram page or in our website gallery. How about you? Would you take your tan to the next level and give contouring a go?

Check out our price list here if you're interested in adding this service to your next spray tan.

Team Honey Glow Xx

PS. If you're a spray tanner and looking to add this service to your business, we trained with Colour Me Bronze Tanning Academy and can highly recommend them!

PPS. Our model is tanned in Colour Me Bronze Professional 15% Chocolate based tanning solution.

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