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6 Tips for a Longer Lasting Tan

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

My number one tip is hydration! Drinking lots of water (at least 8 glasses per day) keeps your skin beautifully hydrated which in turn helps your tan last longer, look better and to fade more evenly. When it comes time to scrub your tan off, hydrated skin makes exfoliating a whole lot easier.

Drink loads of water!

2. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

After your tan has developed and you have showered, moisturise daily (using a non-oily moisturiser) to keep your tan lasting longer. Reminder: Apply sunscreen daily as spray tanning solutions do not contain SPF.

3. Use a tan extender or tan lock

Tan Extender: Extend the life of your tan with tan extender containing DHA (the colourless chemical that interacts with the dead skin cells to produce a brown colour change). Use all over your body twice daily to clean skin and use sparingly around the elbows, wrists, knuckles, knees and elbows.

Moisturiser: Spray over body and pat into skin. Wait to dry before getting dressed. Intensifies, hydrates and extends the life of your spray tan. Also works as a Tan Lock and can be used straight after a spray tan to lock in the bronzers and help waterproof your spray tan.

4. Rinse and Pat

After showering, pat yourself dry instead of rubbing. Rinse chlorine/salt water off straight after swimming and avoid heated places such as pools, spas, saunas and steam rooms. Hold off on things like massages and pedicures also - oils can strip your tan.

5. Short Showers

This is difficult for me as I LOVE my long, hot showers but... short showers are best - I'm talking in and out, 2 minutes max! Don't use body wash or soap after the first initial shower, and use your hands to lightly 'brush off' the excess bronzer to ensure no streaks appear on the skin from the water flow.

6. Change Face

Do you find your tan comes off your face quicker than your body? Spray tanning solutions don't like oil, so avoid cleansers with high oil content and/or exfoliators and give the toner a miss altogether - most contain salicylic and fruit acids. To finish your cleaning routine, use a water-based moisturiser containing little or no oil and leave the heavy nigh creams until after your tan has faded. We recommend using our Colour Me Bronze tan extender which has the same colour in it as your spray tan, contains high-quality ingredients and is designed to work perfectly with your tan.

Make tan last longer on your face by taking these steps

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